Our Pastors

Henry Hinn was born and raised in Jaffa, Israel. The family of 6 brothers and 2 sisters immigrated to Canada shortly after the 6 Day War in 1967. As a teenage immigrant in Toronto, Henry struggled with the language and adapting to a culture he had never seen before. It wasn't long before Henry found his acceptance through drugs, alcohol, and the club scene in Toronto. Though some of his brothers came to know Jesus Christ, Henry mocked their faith, and often persecuted them for it-especially his oldest brother Benny who had began to witness to him. Henry thought he had it made but his life was heading down a path of self-destruction that would leave him empty inside. Through the witness of his brother Benny, and a chance encounter one night that left Henry stuck in a church parking lot, Henry's life was dramatically transformed in 1975.

Donna Hinn was born and raised in Hamilton, ON. She is the oldest of 4 children & has 3 brothers. Donna grew up a devout catholic before her mother became a spirit filled Christian 1977. After accepting an invitation to a mother's day service at People's Church in Hamilton, ON, her life was transformed by a newfound personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Donna graduated from Ryerson University in 1979.

While ministering at People's Church in Hamilton, ON, Pastor Henry met Donna. They married on October 4th, 1980. They immediately started their ministry and shortly after while living in Michigan they began seeing thousands of lives changed through the Holy Spirit Conferences & Jesus festivals they began. After preaching the Gospel Internationally, God directed Pastor Henry to Vancouver, BC in 1987. Pastor Henry has always been known as a man of faith and it didn't take long for him to move across the continent with the family. In June of that year they founded Vancouver Christian Center. For the past 24 years VCC has thrived under their leadership & they are so excited that God has raised up a new generation of leaders through their ministry. Pastor Henry & Donna have 3 children and reside in the lower mainland while continuing to obey the calling of God on their lives to preach the gospel to world.

George Findley began serving at VCC in 1992. From driving the church van, to planning the downtown outreach, Pastor George has served faithfully in nearly every ministry the church has offered over the years. George Findley joined VCC as a full time Pastor, and has been one of God's greatest gifts to the church ever since. His heart & passion for the gospel has inspired countless lives, and God has continued to use him in amazing ways. He is a man of prayer & is a powerful leader for Christ. VCC is truly blessed to have Pastor George Findley on our staff. He and his wife Sheila, along with their son David, reside in Surrey, BC.