Downtown Outreach

Inspiring Hope. Bringing Restoration. Building Relationships.

The Downtown Outreach Ministry has always been at the heart of VCC.

For years we have been asking ourselves this question: How can there be such brokenness and poverty, in North America where people come from all over the world for new opportunities and a better life?

The culprit of poverty in the third world is without a doubt a lack of resources. However, here in North America the issue seems to point to more relational issues. That is where the body of Christ comes in.

Back in 2008 Vancouver's homeless population reached an estimated 2600. By 2010 that number grew to over 5000 people homeless in our city. While resources are provided by dedicated organizations, and the city is working on plans to help remedy the issue, the population of brokenness still continues to rise in the meantime. In our 24 years of existence, VCC has seen many come off the street and begin a new life thereafter. As effective as feeding programs, clothing handouts, and witnessing in the shelters is, by developing relationships, we have seen many people’s lives changed as well, and many come off the streets because of these relationships. Our main goal is developing relationships that transcend the obstacles that stand in the way of people getting off the street. Many people are left homeless because of broken relationships somewhere along the way, and for them, the final solution can be restoring what has been lost. Supplying resources to meet needs is a great first step, but needs will always be there. Our goal is not to be 1 & done church, or to make homelessness comfortable, but rather inspire hope, and bring restoration to those who are experiencing brokenness on our streets. By establishing an ongoing mission to represent the love of Jesus in our city, we can bring healing to those in desperate need.